Check Out Six Magazine-Perfect Bik*ini Looks Of Penélope Cruz: Pics

Check Out Six Magazine-Perfect Bik*ini Looks Of Penélope Cruz: Pics

Seeing the Oscar and Academy award-winning actress Penélope Cruz showing off her se*xy curves is a rarity that not everyone has a chance to witness. So when the star preps her smoking hot bik*ini body for the cameras, the photoshoot snaps are to be treasured at all costs.

Penélope Cruz has floored her fans with her phenomenal performance in films like Vanilla Sky, Nine, Blow, and Woman on Top. But it is not everyday that you see her looking so intimidatingly gorgeous and perfect as she does in these photos.

We have brought down the six most stunning looks of the Spanish movie star wherein she gives tantalizing, se*xy poses to pose for some fantastic magazine-perfect photos.

Esquire ‘Se*xiest Woman Alive’ Issue

See Penélope Cruz/Instagram

Penélope Cruz Esquire magazine cover

Penélope Cruz appeared on Esquire magazine’s cover as the year’s “Se*xiest Woman Alive” feature in 2014. She looked absolutely breathtaking wearing a black, deep plunge full-piece. The (then) 40 year-old showed what it looks like to age like fine wine as she posed up a storm while striking up se*x kitten poses and flaunting her toned physique, naturally beautiful skin, and voluminous mane of hair.

Esquire, Set-2

Fabulous in Esquire, Penélope/Instagram

Credits – Penélope Cruz/Instagram

Temperatures started soaring inside the Esquire publication as Penélope changed into this animal print ensemble. The actress was utterly in her best shape and comfortable in her skin as she served some of the most iconic looks in the studio.

For the photoshoot, Cruz wore a high-cut monokini with red and black leopard print. She paired it with a crochet track-style jacket and stilettos. And the outfit only screamed a confidence that was unmatched.

Vogue Cover Girl

Photo of Penélope Cruz from Vogue cover, Instagram

She blessed yet another magazine cover with her presence. Penélope Cruz was stunning in the June 2011 issue of Vogue.This issue marked her fourth feature for the magazine.

For the cover, Penélope wore a white vintage 50’s style swimsuit with crinkled mesh detail on the front. She styled her hair in a side-swept messy braid, giving the girl-next-door vibe. And despite her unkempt demeanor, she was astonishingly glamorous.

The Chanel Ambassador

Stunning in Chanel, Penélope Cruz/Instagram

She is the ambassador of the luxury brand, Cruz from Instagram

Cruz has been Chanel ambassador since 2018. The actress has donned the House’s creations on several red carpet events, movie premieres, film festivals, and Chanel shows.

This particular look sees the star looking ravishing and electric as she rocks this two-piece logo swimsuit and high jewelry pieces from the luxury line. Cruz takes matters to her hand when it comes to being seductive by adding a sheer coverall to tease her se*xy form underneath.

Penélope Cruz Rocks Chanel, Again

Credits Penélope Cruz on Instagram

The movie star vixen glams up for another fabulous Chanel photoshoot in this bik*ini shot. For the look, Penélope Cruz dressed up in a modest full-piece swimsuit.

It boasted a plush hoodie sweater jacket featuring Chanel button detail. While the swimwear was less revealing and entailed a modest design, Cruz still made sure to turn up the heat by flaunting her hot body. Thus making the look one of the most attractive ones ever.

Candid Beach Babe Look

Penélope Cruz/Instagram

Ending the short but sizzling list of the magazine-perfect swimsuit moments with Penélope Cruz with this subtly unplanned beach babe click. Apparently, the actress appears to be in her natural habitat as she sports a black one-piece monokini.

The garment gives all the attention to her toned, fit-looking body. And she flashes her flawlessly bold smile while relaxing by the water.


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