Celebrities and Influencers Are Not Happy About People Buying Blue Checkmarks

Celebrities and Influencers Are Not Happy About People Buying Blue Checkmarks

Since the existence of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, the one thing that has differentiated celebrities and influencers from fans has been the verified accounts. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been issuing blue check marks to accounts that appear of some importance for years. While regular people have to meet particular follower and engagement thresholds before being offered a verified account – celebrities can apply immediately and be approved.

Now that the landscape of social media has changed a bit, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have all begun offering users the option of purchasing a subscription with a verified blue check mark. Elon announced this change to Twitter after taking over and buying the company. The Space X CEO began offering verified accounts for $8 to $11 monthly. Facebook recently announced they were also offering a subscription-based service for users. Facebook’s subscription service begins at $11.99 and goes up to $14.99 for iOS users. Instagram also now has a subscription-based service.

Since the announcement, many influencers have shared their disapproval of the process. Shiggy took to his social media account to tell his followers a blue checkmark only means something if you have the content or resume to back it up. Shiggy is a youtube who has become popular from his hilarious videos.

While many people are against purchasing the subscription service, it’s important to remember that many personal pages have been hacked and stolen with little or no way of being recovered. At least with this verification mark, users will now have access to a real support person to help them secure their account should anything happen. The new debate is whether a person without a business or creating content should pay a monthly subscription. Many in the comments think the discussion of the blue checkmarks is unnecessary and doesn’t matter.

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