Carl Payne ‘Coke’ Told Why He & Martin Lawrence Hated Each other in Real life

Carl Payne ‘Coke’ Told Why He & Martin Lawrence Hated Each other in Real life

We’ve all familiar about the rumors surrounding trouble on the set of the Martin sitcom back in the times, but the fake assumptions we mostly remember learned were about how Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell couldn’t get together whatsoever.’

We never truly heard that there was some severe trouble between actor, Carl Payne (“Cole) and Martin. A lot of, so, that they were went it on many events during on set, and Carl has now authenticate that.

Carl told that at first he didn’t have a trouble with Martin, but once Martin began doing some thug stuffs to him,

then he prepared an issue with him and their trouble ended quite pretty much for the while of the show. “You know it’s not hidden, we had a lot of troubles days on the set…we had a LOT of mental issues days on the shootings. I live by a definife code of ethics, I from Harlem, you know how we prepare.”

Yeah we had troubles, he [Martin Lawrence] had problema with himself actually. I think he was fighting his own demons, you know what I’m trying to say? I pray to him nothing but the best, may be he’s good now, in a good place.

I didn’t wonder he was in a nice place at that phase of time and that’s quite much it. It was a good place to do work here for a long time and then it became a not so good place to work. I keep it official as long as I can, upto you speaker out that line. You cross the borders and you back at me in a way that I’m not okay and can’t sleep at night, or I feel like you’re menacing me, then it’s a various story.


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