Buxom Beauty Abbie Chatfield Shows Off Her Curves In An Itty Bitty Bikini

Buxom Beauty Abbie Chatfield Shows Off Her Curves In An Itty Bitty Bikini

Abbie Chatfield, 27, is body goals. Her toned and tanned body is aspired by many and desired by all. And she knows it. That’s why her Instagram is a breathtaking bouquet of bikini pics that will make anyone drool.

Recently, she wore a itty bitty green bikini to the beach and flaunted her curves.

Her bikini bra highlighted her melons that looked like they were going to spill out of their cups. And her bikini bottom drew eyes to her toned and shapely legs.

She wore her hair down under a white hat as she frolicked about the beach enjoying the sun and sand.

Abbie is no stranger to skimpy dresses as she frequently poses in them to show off her tantalizing body. In one such photo, the TV presenter wowed everyone in a black bikini that struggled to cup her b**bs.

Her bikini bottom was held together with strings that only served to draw attention to her wide hips and shapely legs as she lounged around seductively in a fluffy white bed.

In another pic, the actress has her hand in her luscious hair as she stares sensuously at the camera.

She is wearing a sheer brown dress that is putting her large boobs and their nipples on display.

The tight see through dress is also accentuating her waist, and exposing her thick and nubile thighs.

She is also wearing long black boots as she rests her legs on the blue sofa.

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