Britney Spears Looks Super Tempting In Sheer Body Hugging Black Suit

Britney Spears Looks Super Tempting In Sheer Body Hugging Black Suit

Britney Spears smirks once again with her astounding hot sheer look wearing a body hugging black suit. The star pop queen leaves fans enticed with her “one-of-a-kind” look.

In the pictures that Britney Spears shared on her Instagram handle, we can see her posing all raunchy and cheeky wearing a body hugging black suit. The actress teamed it with open tresses, bold makeup and a sensuous smirky pose.

Sharing the pictures, Britney wrote, “I modeled this black suit in my living room after I got married @gog og !!! It’s a hot one too !!! It wasn’t a four thousand dollar designer suit … but it is definitely one of a kind !!! It was a stretchy material so it hugged my body like WHITE ON RICE (9 !!! It has 6 baby snaps that clip down the front which brings in the waist line … and a built in wire to bring my b**bs up & !!! It was light and I felt sexy !!! The thing I like the most is the shoulder pads

( !!! Shoulder pads used to be
really in during the 80’s !!! I remember my mom having these big cushions on her shoulders when I was younger !!! Then I ordered this suit and was like WOW !!! This is my first time wearing a suit with shoulder pads !!! It makes my waist look so tiny and I felt so sophisticated !!! I also looked at photos of @haileybieber and saw the fucking coolest blazers with shoulder pads !!! She’s honestly the coolest and kindest …. so wearing this suit like her I also felt kinda cool myself !!! Here’s to bringing shoulder pads back”

Earlier, speculations sparked when Britney Spears sarcastically poined something out, leaving fans to think that she is referring to Selena Gomez’ 2016 speech.

Britney said, “Don’t you just love the nerve of women who stand firmly getting awards and speak on their beliefs about not showing their bodies on Instagram ???!!!!! They say “This is NOT something I would do” yet those women are the very ones who get 4 million dollar budget videos made about sucking and licking on homemade ice cream!!!!”

The music personality further added on saying that she finds it hypocritical for someone who would say like that and then get featured in s*exually suggestive video.

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