Britney Spears Goes To*pless And Posts A Bathroom Selfie

Britney Spears Goes To*pless And Posts A Bathroom Selfie

Britney Spears is still the ho*ttest popstar alive and she knows it. The 41-year-old star is known for her songs and her moves. But apart from showing her singing skills, the singer is not afraid to also display her cu*rves on social media.

In a recent Instagram post, the diva shocked everyone by posting a to*pless photo.

Although her ch*est isn’t visible in the pic, but it’s quite clear that she isn’t wearing any clothes in this selfie.

But this isn’t really anything new from Britney. The popstar once posted a pic of herself completely nude from top to bottom.

In the photo, she’s hugging a door while looking straight at the camera and posing with her one hand covering her ch*est. Her round and thick bottom as well as her shapely legs are clearly visible.

The star also shared a photo where she’s wearing a se*xy red li*ngerie that isn’t leaving much to the imagination.

The halter neck bi*kini top is drawing attention to her deep cl*eavage while the bottom wear is hugging her narrow waist and sitting on her slim hips.

Her chunky black heels are highlighting her long and bare shapely legs.

In another recent pic, the star singer stripped down and sat in her bathtub totally nu*de.

She grasped her ch*est with her hands to save her modesty.

And the strategically placed flower emoji down below also helped prevent her from flashing everyone.

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