Brie Larson Soaks Up The Summer Sun In Gorgeous Swim-suit: Photos

Brie Larson Soaks Up The Summer Sun In Gorgeous Swim-suit: Photos

32 year-old Oscar award-winning actress Brie Larson will return to work with Marvel Studios in her role as the Marvel superhero, Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Carol Danvers. Brie will be seen wearing her signature cape in the upcoming film Ms. Marvel, which will release sometime next year.

While this is an exciting update, the star has been the victim of some criticism from fans for promoting NFTs. This incident led to speculations regarding her Marvel character being replaced by someone else.

In an attempt to call the rumors void, the actress even posted a picture of her casting chair with Carol Danvers. However, that did little to silence the controversial take from fans.

Currently, Larson has been dedicated towards her training for the role, despite the backlash and uncertainty of her role. Meanwhile, Brie wants nothing but to return to her comfortable and safe place. And that is between the pages of a good book.

Brie Larson has found her happy place, reading by the pool.

Recently, the actress posted a picture of herself, flaunting those voluminous assets, in a tight black swim-suit top as she soaked up the sun in a bubbling pool.

Brie paired her relaxing look with dark navy blue sunshades. She styled her brunette hair in a slicked-back, wet style. Larson was photographed while immersed in Conversation on Love as she passes a quick glance at the camera for the stunning shot.

Brie Larson shows off those flawless curved legs in a black swim-suit

Brie belongs to the community of several other Hollywood stars who are also ardent readers, and thus, bookfluencers. While she does not actively share book recommendations or indulge in book reviews on social media like Kaia Gerber, the actress is pretty much lowkey by only voicing her opinions about certain topics with her fans.

The Reprisal Of Her Role In The MCU As Captain Marvel

According to Screen Rant, fans’ comments about Brie being the reason behind the fallback of Captain Marvel as a Marvel character are unnecessary.

Only people who refuse to agree that it is the film’s script that lacked in quality would spread such rumors. But with that said, it is also not a huge sell if Marvel recasts her for her political inclinations. But such issues have occurred in the industry before.

And Warner Bros. made the same mistake with Johnny Depp. But eventually the fact that he was innocent in the domestic case against his ex-wife Amber Heard, surfaced as truth.

Brie Looks All Set For The Summer

Brie Larson cannot wait to get into the summer vibes.

Summer is just around the corner, and Larson is already prepping her mood for the swim-suit season. The actress had a great time while bathing in the sun by the pool while wearing a coverall swimsuit with a wet work motion style.

The white halter neck mini dress accentuated her slender but firm legs and flawless physique. The swimsuit beasted some skin in the form of an unabashed side boob action as she soaked in the sunlight.

Brie made a fun joke about being able to  hear the ocean through her earrings because they’re made of sea pearls.

Larson Gets Into PDA With Elijah

Brie Larson with boyrfiend Elijah in a PDA-packed post from his birthday.

The Captain Marvel actress also took to Instagram to reveal a cozy, PDA-clad post to celebrate her lover Elijah Allan Blitz on his birthday. Brie wore a U-cut long-sleeve top floral swim-suit in the cover photo.

She styled her hair into a messy bun while kissing her man. The couple has been going strong as their relationship marks a healthy run of about three years now. However, the pair only became official to the public in 2020 at the Oscars.


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