Blac Chyna Is Dating 60-Year-Old White Man

Blac Chyna Is Dating 60-Year-Old White Man

The internet is already speculating about Blac Chyna after she was recently seen holding hands with a considerably older man. It surprises people to see Chyna out with someone over twice her age because they are used to seeing her date rappers and reality stars,

some of whom are considerably younger than her. After dinner at Lisa Vanderpump’s Pump Restaurant in West Hollywood Friday night, reality TV actress and mother of two Blac Chyna was spotted going hand in hand with an elderly white man.

The mystery man is allegedly a wealthy Hollywood executive, but there’s more to it than that. According to reports, Chyna’s new boyfriend is 60 years old. He Is currently being kept anonymous to the media, although the gossip mill says he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Additionally, we now know that Lisa Vanderpump and Chyna’s mystery boyfriend are good friends, and last night’s date included both Lisa and her husband. According to sources, Lisa set up Chyna with her new boyfriend.

She was seen walking around in a plunging blue blazer dress that was belted in at the waist in black. There was a lot of cleavage on display, in typical Chyna manner. In contrast, her man was dressed in a pair of black trousers, a black t-shirt, and a pair of black and white sneakers.

Many people find it shocking that he and Chyna are walking hand in hand, and he is already being referred to as a sugar daddy. We all believed Chyna had a type, but she showed us all incorrect when she left the restaurant with a different man. Rob’s reaction is being questioned by several people.

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