Basketball Wives LA Star Brooke Bailey’s Daughter Kayla 25, Kil’led In A Car Accident

Basketball Wives LA Star Brooke Bailey’s Daughter Kayla 25, Kil’led In A Car Accident

Basketball Wives celebrity Brooke Bailey’s daughter, 25-year-old Kayla has died. Sources asserts that Kayla gone from her life in a vehchile ac*ident that happened on the evening of Saturday, September 24, 2022. News of the youngster’s demise was also ass’ured by

her mom on her own social media account. The 45-year-old mom took to her public social media account to shared a carousel of pictures of her girl. Bailey had also put the social media post to her account. She swapped her insta bio, which now added: later of her

daughter’s demise, Brooke Bailey shared a bundle of social media stories which added pictures of Kayla. Few were images from homie get-togethers during anothers were stories she re-showed from another account-users. Different from Kayla, Bailey has 2 other

kids, Shumecio, who was came to the world in 1998 and her little kid who was born in 2004. Although, information over the 3rd kid are not available. Bailey isn’t now married. Although, in 2014, she had married with Ronnie Holland. In 2016, the duo goes to Malibu

where they took their promises. About the obviously of their connection and tied knot, the celebrity celebrity would frequently post images of the 2 on her internet. Although, followers were worried later Brooke Bailey declined all the pictures of Holland from her internet account.

In January 2022, Bailey stated that she was separated from Holland. Sources asserted that the duo breakup amicably, and this looked like to be anything Bailey wants with, as she told in an discussion,

Endings can be very peaceful. She told: “Wife is better than girlfriend, but solo sounds is much greater than stupid. Yes, I’m not taken.”

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