Baby-Toddler Falls To D’eath From 29th Floor Harlem Apartment Balcony

Baby-Toddler Falls To D’eath From 29th Floor Harlem Apartment Balcony

Officers in New York City are analyzing the heartbreaking d*saster that a**eged the life of a 3-year-old boy. Over the Forth of July vacation weekend, the baby-toddler fell from an apartment balcony after neighbors tell parents in the house were f*ghting.

Neighborhood members in Harlem’s Taino Towers residential complex, on 3rd Avenue between East 122nd and 123rd Streets, are g*ieving after the unfortunate d*mise of 1 of the children from the apartment, named Jayce Garcia. Officers were called around 11:10 a.m. to analyze reports that a minor boy had fallen from the 29th-floor balcony, The associated press reports.

After the arrival, conceding officials watch the toddler lying on the 3rd-floor framing of the apartment following the gate and took him to Harlem Hospital, where he was declared d*ad less than a half hour later at 11:40.

Officers are functioning to specify actually what emerged, talking to neighbors and the toddler’s parents, explaining, We think the child jumped through a window, but precisely how that happened is under examination at the time.

1 neighbor, who resided 5 floors up from the Garcia family, told she s’peculates she heard Jayda Garcia, the child’s mother, s*outing. Her children told they heard parents f*ghting less than ten minutes before the t*agedy. She remembers hearing the bang of the toddler c*ashing the lower platform.

As officers investigate the a**ident, evidence has emerged. Neighbors have reported that the family was h’arsh and that the toddler often looked r*voked. A GoFundMe has been set up by the kid’s aunt Gina Garcia to raise money for his home-going sentiment. The campaign is inviting the community for help, recalling people,

Nobody is always prepared for such a d**astrous period, and with your assistance in contribution will be worthy to assist his parents. After 4 days, the household has raised less than $400 of the $50,000 they are expecting to collect for the July 14 f*neral.


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