Ashley Graham’s Shimmering Gold Dress Highlights Her Deep Cle*avage

Ashley Graham’s Shimmering Gold Dress Highlights Her Deep Cle*avage

Ashley Graham is a total ho*ttie who loves showing off her cu*rves online. The s*exy babe has advocated for plus size models and her Instagram posts are proof of that.

In a recent post, the 35-year-old wore a shimmering gold short dress that highlighted her bust and deep cle*avage. The diva had her hair up in a bun with two locks of hair out framing her face.

In another casual pic, the babe had her hair up in a tight bun as she strolled about the streets in a lacy tight top that drew attention to her deep cle*avage.

She also wore long blue jeans that hugged her h*ips and waist.

Ashley doesn’t shy away from nudity and in a bathroom pic she proved so. In the photo posted on Instagram, the model is completely n*ude except a tight black underwear.

She is hiding her chest with her hands but her b*ust is clearly visible for all. In another photo, she’s wearing a tight velvet dress that’s accentuating all her curves.

The blue low-cut top is pushing her ch*est upwards and highlighting her as*sets.

In yet another n*ude pic, the model is completely bare as she holds onto her voluptuous ch*est with her hands.

Also, there would have been a serious mishap if not for the strategically placed writing on her nether area.

What makes the pic more se*ductive is Ashley looking at the camera sen*suously with her kohl rimmed eyes.

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