Argentina fan celebrates World Cup win in stands by whipping top off and showing off b00bs

Argentina fan celebrates World Cup win in stands by whipping top off and showing off b00bs

In the Lusail Stadium, an Argentinian fan elevated her World Cup revelry by removing her shirt and baring her brea*sts.

After Lionel Messi had led his country to its first World Cup victory in 36 years, the camera turned to the crowd, inadvertently recording the x-rat*ed sce*ne. The lady is seen at the bottom of the screen without her top on.

And when the video circulated on social media, any odds that viewers could have missed the x-rat*ed scene were rapidly dismissed. Some spectators loved the special celebration taking on in the stands. “A fantastic moment, what sports are all about,” a fan jokingly said.

A second jokingly said, “What a game and good play to the Argentina woman who got her tts out at the end. But a third wasn’t too pleased with how he discovered it: “Count on my 11-year-old kid to identify the World Cup bbs! Bravo, Argentina!”

Argentina ended 36 years of hurt in Doha when Gonzalo Montiel stoked his penalty home, sending Hugo Lloris the wrong way.

The Albiceleste did it the hard way, playing France off the park for the first half, finding themselves 2-0 up at the end of the first period. And Argentina continued to dominate, until Kylian Mbappe put France on his back.

The young pretender netted twice in three minutes, and even Messi couldn’t keep him at bay as Mbappe found a third for France after the 35-year-old thought he’d won it for Argentina.
Argentina prevailed on penalties thanks to the heroics of Emiliano Martinez, who stopped Kingsley Coman and played mind games to see Aurelien Tchouameni hit the ball wide.

The South Americans could barley contain themselves as Montiel’s winning penalty sparked crazy scenes on the pitch, on the stands, and in Buenos Aires.


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