Anna Kendrick Is Playful In Ba*thing Suit While Splashing In The Water

Anna Kendrick Is Playful In Ba*thing Suit While Splashing In The Water

Anna Kendrick is a master of all trades. From being exceptionally artistic, smart, and funny to being a brilliant actress and singer, there’s nothing Kendrick can’t do. Anna has made a name for herself in the industry. She is not only a comfortable face to watch in movies, but also a breath of fresh air with her gorgeous bi*kini looks. She has always looked phenomenal in any bi*kini she has worn and shared the captivating photos with her 20.8 million Instagram fans.

Playfully Splashing In The Water

The Hollywood star is relatable to many because of her amazing sense of humor and humble nature. And recently, she dropped another look while rocking a black bathing suit. In a short clip uploaded on Instagram, the Pitch Perfect star splashed in the water.

She was also posing as a cute dolphin and asking for marshmallows. Her hair was packed up in a bun. And the water was only deep enough to cover her bosom to part of her legs while her feet were waving above water. In the caption of the post, Kendrick penned: “Please do not feed the animals”. Needless to say, the post gained a plethora of love emojis from fans who are fond of her fun and playful content.

She is fond of the ocean

The Twilight Saga actress’ adoration for the sea is apparent in most of her bi*kini shots. Anna Kendrick is always either sporting a smoldering bi*kini to the beach or unwinding by the pool. In a different post, the actress and singer looked absolutely ravishing in a strapless black and white polka dot spiked bra with black high waist underwear. Anna is waist-deep in the sea, allowing a proper view of her upper body.

After her dip into the pool, the award-winning actress’s hair was wet. But she beamed with enthusiasm while looking down at the water. This basic and mesmerizing shot received many fire and heart emojis from fans. One commented, ‘You look so amazing and absolutely gorgeous in that sw*imsuit’, and another commented with ‘so beautiful’ with a smiley face with hearts emoji.
Her Skincare Routine Is Truly A Savior

The Into the Woods actress has flawless and glowing skin. And it has always attracted her fans. Anna Kendrick has previously shared her skincare routine. And surprisingly enough, her regime is easily doable for beauty lovers. The main attention of Anna’s beauty regimen is actually skincare. In her lists of products, there were some pricier brands like SK-II and Kate Somerville. But the star also mentioned some drugstore buys that she swears by.

Anna Kendrick also talked about using Schick Intuition Razor,

“If you’re not using Intuition razors, you’re wasting everybody’s time”. She also added, “Whenever I hear someone is still using a separate shave gel (the Intuition has it in the razor), it’s like hearing they still use dial-up internet.”

Constant Change In Fragrance

Wearing a number of different fragrances is actually a sign of an interesting personality. While Anna Kendrick’s beauty routine is something she talks about with her fans, the actress has also expressed her opinions on her excellent choice of fragrance. She said that she had her reasons for always buying a new fragrance for each film she was acting in. She also revealed how she had certain “memories” linked to each fragrance and how they were significant to the location or moment.

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