Ana de Armas Forgoes Clothing Except A Thin Shirt: Photos

Ana de Armas Forgoes Clothing Except A Thin Shirt: Photos

Ana de Armas, 34, is getting much love and also criticism for her Blonde movie. The actress is setting trends with both her hot looks and acting skills. Recently, she posted a pic on her Instagram where she’s in nothing but a white shirt.

The pic has gone viral and features her only in a white puffy shirt as she lounges around on a bed, displaying her shapely white legs.

She has her long tresses perfectly mussed up as she readies for a photoshoot while holding on to a bunch of pink roses.

The actress was recently seen at the Blonde world premiere in Venice. There Ana de Armas chose to wear a pink gown with large straps that barely covered her boo*bs. She accessorized with a silver ornamental necklace and kept her hair down.

Ana has been receiving a lot of flak for starring in Netflix’s Blonde movie. Even though she looks stunning and a doppleganger of Marilyn Monroe, but critics and fans have taken offense at the content.

The actress took a little break to enjoy the sea in a bikini that let her show off her curvy assets, especially her butt. She lounged on a boat and wore a green cap as she took in the view.

Her toned and shapely legs were out on display as she let her blonde tresses out while sunning her shapely and smooth back in the sun.

Ana de Armas also often posts throwback pictures and she once posted a pic of herself in a short black dress with her hair haywire. The dress was backless and the pic highlighted her smooth toned back and legs.

She wore black heels that emphasized her long legs more as she sat on top of three boxes stacked on top of each other and put her hands on her thighs, readying for the shoot.

She will be seen in the upcoming movie, Ghosted.


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