Amy Hart Flaunts Ample Curves In Pink And Orange Zig Zag Bik*ini: Pics

Amy Hart Flaunts Ample Curves In Pink And Orange Zig Zag Bik*ini: Pics

Only on Sunday, Amy Hart flaunted her enviable body and voluminous bust as she took some time to relax around her hotel resort, while wearing a pink and orange zig zag bik*ini.

The 29 year-old Love Island star turned heads with her stunning appearance at the five-star Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Apparently, the bik*ini bombshell is currently holidaying at the location with her beau Sam Rason.

The vibrant colors of the tiny swimwear perfectly enhanced the stunner’s sun kissed skin as she strutted around the grounds of the lavish establishment.

Amy Hart showed off her stunning figure in a pink and orange zig zag bik*ini

The tie-side bik*ini bottoms gave more finish to her attractive hourglass silhouette. The snap lay immense focus on her phenomenal body, and ample assets.

Amy Hart styled her beautifully long blonde tresses in loose waves. And she held her locks away from her face with a matching hairband.

The star completed her chill poolside look with a touch of nu*de lipstick and sported a light dusting of make-up.

The tie-side bik*ini bottoms accentuated her hourglass silhouette

Amy had her long blonde locks down in relaxed waves

Amy Hart, who is openly a travel enthusiast, took to her official Instagram and captioned her latest carousel of images:

‘We would like to remind guests that the all you can eat buffet is an offer, not a challenge’. I want to go on holiday again!!!

‘Me and Sam have made a list of all the places we want to go; Venice, Lisbon, NYC, Hawaii, Orlando, Vegas, Maldives….where else do we need to add?!?’

Amy Hart Tests Positive For HPV

This latest update comes after Thursday, when Amy Hart revealed that she was diagnosed with a positive HPV result when she went for her smear test. This means the doctors might need to take another test this year to rule out the possibility of cervical cancer.

The former cabin crew member has been in a relationship with Sam Rason for a year. In a Q&A with her fans about the diagnosis, she informed her fans just how important it is to get a screening. According to Amy, merely five minutes of the test can help save your life.

She said:

‘I did my research and found that 80 per cent of men and women in their lifetimes will get HPV. It’s virus. It’s quite normal apparently.

Amy was diagnosed with a positive HPV result

‘I had a smear last year. It came back with HPV. They said come back in a year so I went back today. She said the results will be in two weeks. Of HPV is there they’ll look at my cells and do a biopsy on the cells so that’s where I am at the moment.’

When talking about boyfriend Sam’s reaction to her HPV diagnosis, Amy Hart said:

‘I literally cough and I tell Sam so we had just met so obviously I did tell him.

‘Like I say I tell Sam everything so then it’s easier for him to be supportive. I mean not many boys have girlfriends who talk about their innards on national tv so he’s pretty desensitized now.’

Amy has been dating beau Sam Rason for a year

Hart Talks About Getting Her Eggs Frozen

The update was followed by Amy Hart after she publicly documented undergoing three rounds of eggs freezing. Two of these rounds were successful and have resulted in 12 eggs being frozen.

She was asked how her boyfriend Sam had taken her HPV diagnosis

On Last Wednesday’s installment of Good Morning Britain, Amy Hart explained that she had her eggs frozen aged 27 after discovering she had a low ovarian reserve. She said that if she ‘can’t use them’, she’ll simply donate them.

In conversation with hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls, she revealed that early menopause runs in her family. Amy did not wish her family history to ‘ever stop her having kids’.

Amy informed fans during her social media Q&A

When Ed asked Amy Hart if she was planning to have ten kids as per a previous interview, Amy laughed and said: ‘My boyfriend says no. And the professor also said no.’

Amy openly documented undergoing three rounds of eggs freezing

The post was from her recent getaway to the Cancun, where she stayed at the 5-star Hard Rock Hotel


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