See Alexandra Daddario In A Tight Blue Sundress

See Alexandra Daddario In A Tight Blue Sundress

Alexandra Daddario is about to take the next big leap in her acting career, and deservedly so. After starring as the breakout star of the Percy Jackson films (portraying a fierce demigod with somewhat frightening ease), she did her time in the trenches of sitcoms, supporting roles in Zac Efron films, and the occasional music video.

She now has a Primetime Emmy nomination under her belt (and hopefully a win soon) for the HBO series The White Lotus. And addition to all these things, Alexandra Daddario has become a style icon for her incredibly fetching looks.

This particular Instagram post from Alexandra Daddario sees the True Detective star posing in a tight blue Chinese garden pattern dress from legendary fashion house Dior. The first image in the set has Alexandra Daddario in a close-up from the waist up, artfully arranged in a classic magazine cover pose.

Her head is tilted back and up, her lips slightly open. Her shoulders are dropped, and she is literally as pretty as a picture. From the looks of the background, she may be in a well-appointed hotel room. The actress was recently married to film producer Andrew Form in New Orleans, and hopefully, the two are still on a honeymoon trip.

The second, slightly blurry photo of Alexandra Daddario shows her twirling in the same dress (in front of a hotel door this time), but all the blurriness in the world cannot detract from the actress’s loveliness.

The third and final photo of Alexandra Daddario in the set has her either utilizing another classic modeling pose or being very surprised to the point of being at a loss for words, but either way, it looks great.

According to the tags in the photos, Alexandra Daddario’s dark hair, which is piled high in a bun and tucked behind her ears, is courtesy of stylist Marty Harper, while her dark winged eyeliner is by makeup artist William Scott.

Alexandra Daddario’s recent Emmy nomination for The White Lotus is well-deserved. In Mike White’s anthology series, she portrayed a struggling journalist on vacation with her husband Shane (Jake Lacy).

Alexandra daddario

The first season of the show is being retroactively subtitled Hawaii, while the next will involve a whole next cast in The White Lotus: Sicily. The cast will include F. Murray Abraham of (Amadeus and Mythic Quest), Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), and Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), plus Jennifer Coolidge reprising her role from the first season.

Alexandra Daddario has been cast to star in the upcoming AMC series Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches. She will portray Rowan Mayfair, a beautiful and troubled doctor who returns to her beautiful and troubled home in New Orleans, only to be caught up in the affairs of her beautiful and troubled family.

Alexandra daddario

AMC recently acquired the rights to adapt the late Anne Rice’s works, and looks to be building a franchise around them, with Mayfair Witches and Interview with the Vampire being the first.


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