See Alexandra Daddario In A Low-Cut Chainmail Dress

See Alexandra Daddario In A Low-Cut Chainmail Dress

Alexandra Daddario is known for bringing down-to-earth, relatable energy to projects as wildly different as The White Lotus, True Detective, and Dwayne Johnson’s San Andreas, but she can also bring the glamour with the best of them.

The actress recently posted a picture of herself wearing a gorgeous, plunging chainmail gown to her popular Instagram account and it is impressive she can seem to be both a medieval knight and a princess at once.

The picture set of Alexandra Daddario is from the recent Academy Museum Gala, one of the many events in which the most beautiful and talented people in Hollywood can get together to show off the works of the world’s best designers.

Whereas Yellowjackets star Christina Ricci showed up to the event in a Vivienne Westwood gown that would make Morticia Addams jealous, Alexandra Daddario wore a flowing white and metal dress from fashion Dior.

The first picture shows Alexandra Daddario in close-up, with a bright light centered on her face to show off her famously brilliant blue eyes and touches of pink rouge and lipstick.

The Dior dress has a daringly low neckline, held together by a metal mesh that rises up to form a dense collar around her throat. Considerately enough, Alexandra Daddario tagged the picture to indicate that her hair was by Marty Harper while her stylist was Emma Jade Morrison.

The second picture in the set pulls back to reveal Alexandra Daddario in a three-quarter shot, now showing how the Dior dress transitions from chain mail to a flowing white skirt, and that the actress’s dark hair is styled into a sleek center part and tight bun.

The third and final picture finally shows Alexandra Daddario in action, twirling the skirt of the dress into a diaphanous cloud of fashion.

Alexandra Daddario has shown herself to be quite the expert at social media, which probably explains the 22.5 million followers she currently has on Instagram.

While glamorous shots like this Dior chainmail dress are not uncommon, she also posts herself in a trenchcoat doing tourist things and defying the arbitrary rules of the world in her quest for ice cream. In short, Alexandra Daddario has a pretty endearing social media presence.

The Academy Museum Gala is a pretty big deal for A-list celebrities, which explains the presence of stars like Alexandra Daddario, Christina Ricci, and Olivia Wilde.

At this year’s gala, none other than Julia Roberts received the Icon Award in recognition of the global impact of her career, which is basically to say that she is really, really popular and successful.


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