Photos: Alexandra Daddario On The Beach In A Striped Bikini Top And Skirt

Photos: Alexandra Daddario On The Beach In A Striped Bikini Top And Skirt

Everyone has been posting what they did to celebrate the 4th of July, which includes a ton of fireworks, beaches, and bikinis. Alexandra Daddario happened to post a collection of her travels that included that entire list during the holiday, including herself on the beach in a striped bikini top and skirt.

Celebrities are quite good at capturing themselves just as the sun is about to set, which makes the photo of Daddario seem that much more magical. She is smiling as it appears she might be running away from the water.

Alexandra Daddario has a simple caption to go along with her collection of videos, which happen to be lyrics from the ever-popular song, “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

That might be because the actress spending time in the south for the holiday weekend, as she was just married in New Orleans. The above images did also contain a shot of the Florida state sign and the Mississippi state sign as well.

With well over 150,000 likes, Daddario’s fans have loved this look into her more personal life, including her more elegant bikini choice. She might have just been on her honeymoon in the south, but still, these are some great photos.

Another reason that Alexandra Daddario might find herself in the south could be because she is set to start filming her next series, Mayfair Witches. The new show on AMC, based on the Anne Rice novels, might see the characters in the show be from the southern states, and the production wanted a bit of authenticity to their backdrops.

There are a lot of productions that happen to shoot in Atlanta, Georgia. Either way, it looks as though the actress was just having a good time over the holiday weekend, much like most of us are.

Her newest film, Wildflower, is in the post-production stages but is still meant to be released sometime this year. Daddario plays Joy, in a coming-of-age story about a young girl having to navigate life with an intellectually disabled parent.

The Mayfair Witches series and Wildflower film are the only two projects that Alexandra Daddario is currently working on. She was in the hit HBO series, The White Lotus, but the second season has yet to begin production. Also, we are likely to not see Daddario appear in the upcoming season as the show has now been turned into an anthology series.

The newest season will follow a different group of travelers as they stay at the White Lotus property in Sicily. The new season will be aptly titled White Lotus: Sicily. It is a bit of a shame as Tom Holland has been cast in the new season, and he would have paired well with Daddario.

Everyone is patiently waiting to see Alexandra Daddario appear back on the big or small screen. She has become one of the best actresses in show business, and it has been some time since we have last seen her.

For now, fans can just check out her Instagram page, as she is constantly updating the app with her outfits, photo shoots, and a more personal look at her everyday life.


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