Actress Monica Calhoun Shared Touching Video As She Taught her Blind Adult Son to Swim

Actress Monica Calhoun Shared Touching Video As She Taught her Blind Adult Son to Swim

If there’s one aspect we love about actress, Monica Calhoun besides her acting skills it’s her eagerness to share the special contract she has with her special wants son on social media. The 50-year-old Players Club.

and The Best Man master is teaching her fans a lot, by simply allowing her thousands of online followers to increase bigger insight into who she is as a mama, and also who her 21-year-old son is as a young man.She shares numerous posts of herself chillin’ with her son who occurs to be blind and one of her post really sn’atched several souls. In 2018, Monica shared video footage of her and her son having a gorgeous bonding moment in a swimming pool.

She was seemingly teaching him how to float on his back. The most touching component in all of this, is that the level of pure, unconditional faith he has in his mama -that he knows she will always have his back- shines through in the path he’s at complete comfort in her arms.Peep their ‘fun-in-the-sun-day’ below. From the outside glancing in, it’s easy to view Monica as powerful for the way she helps her son. To Monica though, she maybe views her courage as simply being a mom who loves her kid exclusively.


What several may also find interesting, is Monica’s ability- as a person with eyesight- to so effortlessly relate to her son without his eyesight. That’s partially because having a close loved one who’s also blind, is nothing recent for Monica. She’s developed with it her whole life. In case you lost our previous report about her brother .

Like her son, Monica’s brother is also blind. In a last interview with Smartalecmusic, Monica talked of how she was influenced by developing with her younger brother, Eric, who was born blind.

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