A Timeline Of The Lamar Odom, Taraji P. Henson, Khloe Kardashian Love Triangle

A Timeline Of The Lamar Odom, Taraji P. Henson, Khloe Kardashian Love Triangle

The Kardashian love triangles will one day take up their own chapter in the history books. The ladies love dating famous men who were famously with other women before them. It makes for great headlines and television, and usually, everyone benefits. One woman who keeps herself far away from the Kardashian spotlight is Taraji P. Henson. The Oscar nominee was once an item with Lamar Odom before he went Kardashian. While she does not too often reflect on him, Odom has been candid over the years about their union and how he jumped ship soon as he met Khloe.

Lamar Odom has spoken about Taraji P. Henson at great length over the years. During interviews with TV One and VladTV, he talked about how inspirational Henson was to him during one of the best times in his basketball career. Odom even called his time with Taraji one of the happiest times of his life.

Unfortunately for Henson, Odom was still playing the field and met Khloe Kardashian at a club in 2009. While Khloe admits to not initially being into her future husband, things escalated quickly for the pair. Odom cut Taraji off with no explanation, something he later admits was immature of him. “Things ended with Taraji because of me being an immature punk. I didn’t know how to tell her that I was falling in love with another woman.” He recalls wishing he had “bossed up” and been honest with Henson instead of just letting it fizzle out.

Khloe and Lamar would get engaged only a few weeks later and marry in September of 2009. Things did not last for long, and Lamar began cheating on Khloe and abusing drugs. The NBA star almost died after overdosing in a Las Vegas brothel. Khloe eventually divorced him in December of 2013.

She has since gone on to date Tristan Thompson where, unfortunately, Khloe Kardashian has suffered much of the same public embarrassment. Thompson’s cheating scandals have included family friends and even resulted in a child by another woman.

Taraji P. Henson is a professional and keeps her personal life largely out of the spotlight. Instead, she moved on from Lamar and continued to build her career while quietly dating and even getting engaged at one point. In 2018 Henson announced that she was engaged to former NFL player Kelvin Hayden. She announced the news in an Instagram post. “I said yes y’all!!! He started with the Cartier love bracelet, BUT that was my #Mothersday gift, and then he dropped to his knee, and I almost passed out!!!”

Fans were happy for the star, who has always attended red carpets alone and prioritized her career and motherhood. Unfortunately, things would not last for the pair, and they split in 2020, shortly after Henson’s 50th Birthday. She explained that she felt things shifting in the relationship and tried to fix them with couples therapy. However, she ultimately decided that she needed to focus on herself and end the engagement.

Lamar Odom has not had much luck either post-Khloe. It seems the NBA star attracted toxic unions and had a pretty nasty one with fitness trainer Sabrina Parr. The duo fought relentlessly in the media over claims of cheating and theft. Lamar accused her of hacking his accounts and taking his passport. This past fall, Parr announced that she would be releasing a book detailing the events of their split. According to Lamar, the relationship broke his heart but “saved” his soul. “We were toxic. Independently and collectively,” Odom admitted.

Lamar Odom has undergone a lot of growth over the years. He admits that he’s put together an incredible team behind him that’s helped him score several second chances in the realms of sports and television. However, one second chance he’s still waiting on is from Khloe. Odom has confessed that he was a terrible husband despite how kind Khloe and her family were to him. In various interviews, he’s detailed how he misses the family and hopes to at least be friends with Khloe. He even made a public statement following the news of Tristan fathering another child while dating her, letting Khloe know that he was available to talk if she needed a shoulder.

Lamar is not dumb and understands the tabloid obsession with him and his exes, particularly Khloe and Taraji. Now that all three of them are single, he’s speaking out again, comparing the woman during an interview with Page Six. He called Taraji more “skillful” in her craft when compared to what “Khloe does.” He refers to Taraji as a “cool girl” and Khloe as a “good wife.” He then confessed plans to “shoot his shot” at Taraji while attending the BET Awards this past weekend.

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