75 Year Old Danny Glover Shows Off With His New Young Girlfriend On Beach

75 Year Old Danny Glover Shows Off With His New Young Girlfriend On Beach

Famous Actor Danny Glover around 75 years old, but he can still attract a gorgeous woman as evidenced by some paparazzi pics of The Color Purple star with his fresh gorgeous and young ladylove.

His character Mista from The Color Purple may not have been worth a damn, but Glover is the man! On Monday, Glover was seen romping on a beach in Sardinia with realtor Regina Murray, As per the The Daily Mail.

Danny Glover

Glover who reportedly separated his second wife Eliane Cavalleiro, who he wedded in 2009, was actually providing sugar daddy vibes,while vibing at a beach with his bi’kini-clad, tight-and-toned bae, channelling Megan Thee Stallion’s body-ody.

Murray shared an image of them jointly on her Instagram account, Captioning: ‘Happy Birthday to the “Mista”. Many prayers to ya!!!’, according to the platform, which referenced a post from previous year.

A silver-haired Glover was shirtless and seizing a quantity of selfies while also earning handsy with his tenderoni who looked fit and wonderful.

With abdomen drips overlapping her polished abs, Murray wore a tie-dyed bikini over her brick-house body,while stunting’ in gold-rimmed sunglasses, Mary J. Blige-esque jumbo-hooped earrings, and a droopy cap to stop the sunlight and likely the haters too.

Danny Glover
Credit: Google Photos

Murray was actually luminous in the sun with her mister by her side. Ok girl, we see you! He was assigned as a recipient of The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award due to of his “humanitarian accomplishments have given rise to prestige to the motion picture arts industry.”

As per the Glover’s website, the entertainer has garnered appreciation for long time activism and philanthropic activities.

Danny Glover

These acts comprise fulfilling as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program and serving as UNICEF’s Ambassador. Glover indeed is maintaining the blaze going onscreen and in his personal life too.


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