10 Things Kylie Jenner Bought That Proves She Has A Spending Problem

10 Things Kylie Jenner Bought That Proves She Has A Spending Problem


10 Things Kylie Jenner Owns That Cost More Than Your Life…

If you look at Kylie Jenner and her family (who shall remain nameless for now even though you all KNOW who and what they are), you’ll know that they are absolutely loaded with money (for reasons that at times just plain boggle the mind. But hey, it happens).

Yet what has set them apart in the way that makes people roll their eyes is that they spend an ungodly amount of money on…well…themselves, and each other, and the various partners that they have in their lives. So much so that you really can’t help but wonder if they have a spending problem.

For Kylie Jenner, she definitely does. We’ll break it down for you, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel!

And there you have it, everyone! A look at the various things that Kylie Jenner has bought herself, her baby daddy, her literal baby, and everything in between.

Do you think this proves that there is indeed a problem with Kylie Jenner in terms of what she spends her money on?

Is this just a “family trait” that she inherited? Will she ever get the reality check that most people demand for her? Let us know in the comments below, be sure to subscribe and we’ll see you next time on the channel!

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